Our Services

At Strategic Tax we have the resources to deliver solutions across the UK, both in our local region of Leicester in the East Midlands and from coast to coast nationwide. We have worked for clients based in locations from Scotland to Land’s End, and everywhere in between.

Because businesses and individuals have different tax planning requirements, we offer tailored solutions to suit both. While every client has access to our full range of services, we specialise in the following corporate and personal strategies:

Corporate tax planning

Corporate tax easing – helping business to reduce their 21-23% corporation tax burden

Profit extraction – helping businesses to release trapped funds in the most tax-efficient manner possible

Exit planning – minimising your tax exposure and meeting your financial goals when you come to leave or sell your business

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Personal tax planning

Capital gains tax planning – helping individuals to transfer assets without triggering high capital gains tax charges

Income strategies – helping individuals to reduce income tax burdens of up to 50%

Inheritance tax and succession planning  – protecting your legacy from inheritance tax charges of up to 40%

SDLT (Stamp Duty Land tax) planning – giving you economic freedom when buying or selling land and property

Tax-efficient will writing – giving you peace of mind that your wealth will pass without hindrance into the right hands

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Strategic Tax advisors are happy to travel to your location, wherever in the UK you are based, to discuss your needs in an informal, no obligation meeting. We have a proven track record thinking innovatively and finding the most appropriate and financially rewarding solution for you, your family and your business.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting or simply to find out more about what we do.